Manifestation Kit

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Introducing our best selling Aura Sprays: Abundance and Clear Away. Elevate your space and transform your surroundings with these beloved aromatic wonders. Start by clearing your space, and then ask for evrything you desire.

Abundance Aura Spray opens your awareness and imagination, allowing your space and surroundings to feel warm, magnetic and connected.

Key Notes & Benefits

Cinnamon: Warming and exhilarating, helps stimulate your senses, especially during moments of worry or fatigue.

Clove: Stimulating and awakening, helps to support memory and focus while relieving fatigue.

Vetiver: Grounding and motivating, helps bring you back down to earth to find a comfortable footing in your own path.

Patchouli: Relaxing and reconnecting, helps unite one to their own body to feel self-love and acceptance.

Smells Of... Spicy, amplified prosperity, leading with intuition and self-confidence.

Clear Away Aura Spray encourages self-expression and defined boundaries, allowing your space and surroundings to feel clean, relaxed and revitalized.

Key Notes & Benefits

Grapefruit: Caring and fortifying, helps to strengthen your sense of self-love and gratitude.

Lemon: Centering and clarifying, helps improve your ability to focus, restoring energy and mental flexibility.

Rose: Compassionate and healing, helps evoke feelings of love and promotes a deeper connection with others.

Smells Of... Refreshing and crisp, citrus harmony, with a touch of rose, leading with a restored sense of positivity and empathy.


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