Carnelian Heart Crystal for your root, sacral and solar plexus chakras


The carnelian crystal boosts courage and self-confidence.  It purifies the blood and improves circulation.  It is the perfect stone for bringing in motivation and determination as well as guiding you to recognize your self worth.

The orange color is associated with fire and acts as an amplifier to ignite your wildest dreams and propel you to make them come true.

Carnelian primarily is a creative stone but also helps ones confidence such as when going to a job interview or doing a presentation.

Carrying Carnelian in your purse or pocket allows you to have a reminder that you are a creative being.  This stone can help if you find yourself feeling stuck or like you’ve hit a wall.

Great to place near your workspace, desk, creative area, or anywhere else you will see each day as a reminder to connect with your creative side.

Anoint your crystal heart with our Chakra Boost blends for the optimum healing experience. Hold your heart close to your chakra as you declare: 


Includes a 1" heart crystal & satin bag.


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