Adoratherapy Chakra Mini Roll on Perfume Oil with Gemstone heart

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Introducing our Mini Chakra Roll-On Perfume Oil accompanied by a captivating 1" crystal heart.

Chakra 1 Vitality and Red Carnelian: Boost your root chakra, ignite your inner fire, and promote a sense of grounded energy and passion.

Chakra 2 Creativity and Opaline: Ignite your sacral chakra with creative energy, enhance emotional balance, and promote a deep sense of self-love and intuition.

Chakra 3 Motivation and Tiger Eye: Support your Solar Plexus Chakra, and boost your confidence, strengthen your personal power, and experience your self-worth.

Chakra 4 Joy and Aventurine: This harmonizing combination opens your heart chakra, fosters love and compassion, and promotes emotional healing and balance. Chakra 5 and Turquoise: Enhance your communication abilities, tap into your soul and speak your truth.

Chakra 6 Clarity and Amethyst: Trust your third eye chakra intuition, embrace spiritual growth, and cultivate clarity of thought.

Chakra 7 Tranquility and Rose Quartz: Expand your spiritual connection, promote inner peace, and invite unconditional love and healing through your open crown chakra.

The convenient mini size allows you to carry our balancing scents with you, creating a continuous reminder you to roll on, breathe in and transform. Each crystal amplifies your intention for healing and alignment.

Let your perfume oil and matching crystal raise your vubration and accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and connection.



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