Aromatics + Intentions for Healing = Quantum Levels of Transformation.

When we have the presence of mind and heart to be more adoring and compassionate with ourselves, this very feeling cascades into the world and all we touch within it.

Transform your intention, transform your practice, transform your life.

The Chakra Boost Roll on Collection gets you back to your healthy center and your purpose. This unique collection of roll ons open your chakras and awaken your senses. An alternative to perfume, this all natural collection can be applied on the neck, temples, wrists, and chakra centers. Experience the power of uniquely formulated essential oils, absolutes, and gem and flower essences, in a base of organic Jojoba blends. Tap into your vitality, creativity, motivation, joy, communication, clarity and tranquility through breath and affirmation.

Love Yourself

Compassion for yourself and others.
Passion and purpose.
Harmony and connectedness in your relationships.
Abundance and success in all your endeavors.
Strength and confidence to forge ahead on your chosen paths.
Wisdom from all of your past experiences.
Presence, grace and unity.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatics have been prized for centuries for their therapeutic, spiritual, and aesthetic benefits.
Today, aromatherapy has become a popular trend among alternative medicine practitioners to assist with specific health and wellness needs to help create a healthy lifestyle, balance our emotions and to enhance our spirituality.
Scent is perhaps the most evocative of the senses and it allows us the powerful ability to shift how we feel in the moment. True aromatherapy allows us to be fully empowered to create the best possible existence for ourselves, and every way we relate to the world around us.

What are Essential Oils?

Contrary to popular belief not all products that offer the benefits of aromatherapy are created equally. True aromatherapy products are created from essential oils, the biochemically active, and “quintessence” of the plants that have beneficial actions on specific systems of the body.

How Does Aromatherapy work?

Boost your Mood. Anytime. Anywhere™

Via inhalation
One can feel the affects of aromatherapy via indirect or direct inhalation. Indirect inhalation can be achieved by breathing in essential oils by using a room diffuser or placing aromatic drops nearby. Direct inhalation can be achieved by using an individual inhaler or inhaling directly from the essential oil vial/container.

Via the skin
Massaging essential oils diluted in a carrier oil (we typically use Organic golden jojoba) directly into the skin also provides one with aromatherapy benefits. The skin’s permeable surface allows for the absorption of essential oils into the blood stream; depending on the essential oil being used, different effects can be achieved within the body. For example, essential oils like Lavender & Frankincense have powerful rejuvenating properties and can be used to heal topical burns and abrasions, whereas peppermint has great toning properties and citrus oils, such as lemon and grapefruit, have a natural exfoliant effect.

Via the human energy field or aura
Every life form is made up of vibrations that coincide with the harmonic frequency to which all life is attuned. These vibrations are known as the human energy field or aura. A person’s aura can easily go out of tune when exposed to physical or emotional stress. Pure essential oils have high vibrational frequencies that are prone to absorbing surrounding energies. By intoning a certain state of mind or idea, one can use essential oils to alter and affect their personal auras.

As long as our souls and personalities are in harmony, all is joy and peace, happiness and health. It is when our personalities are led astray from the path laid down by the soul, either by our worldly desires or the persuasion of others, that conflict arises. This conflict is the root cause of disease and unhappiness.

Dr. Edward Bach,
Author of Heal Thyself