Work with your Chakras? Where should you start?

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the ADORAtherapy Chakra Boost that is right for you. Though, you don’t have to choose just 1! Why not have all 7 at your fingertips? Use based on the mood of the day! You can even try layering and pairing, adding affirmations for maximum benefit!

Health & Abundance
1st Chakra - I Belong

Looking for more vim and vigor? Rub I Belong on the soles of your feet to connect with the sweet healing energy of the earth.
Looking to feel more of a sense of belonging within a community or group? Breathe in the earthy aroma of I Belong to feel more connected.
Try pairing it with I Love to be more loving and compassionate with yourself, particularly during times of physical healing.
This center represents our connection to the earth and our physical body. A sense of safety and belonging within the family and community dynamic is paramount, as well as physical health, vitality and abundance. This chakra represents our more tribal aspects and instincts.

Affirmation : I am safe and deeply connected to all life. I am healthy & abundant.

Sensuality & Creativity
2nd Chakra - I Feel

Looking for the influx of creativity to start a new project or the awakening of sensuality to attract or enhance the right relationship? Experience I Feel as a natural perfume.
Feeling down? Dreary day? Roll I Feel in your personal space to brighten your day.
Try pairing with I Can to bring emotional clarity and rejuvenation.
This center represents our sensual, creative and emotionally balanced nature. This is where our vital life force and vitality emanate from.

Affirmation : I am deeply abundant, healthy and vital, attracting True Sacred Relationship.

Success & Empowerment
3rd Chakra - I Can

Feeling sluggish and sleepy after lunch? Rub some I Can onto the palms of your hands and breathe in gently to invigorate your afternoon.
Looking to enhance concentration before an important test or conversation? Take I Can with you to empower your day.
Try pairing with I Belong when you are looking to bring a bit more zip to your workout regime.
This center represents the connection to self-mastery and the niche we carve out for ourselves in the world, it is the source of self-confidence and personal power.

Affirmation : I choose to live a successful life. I choose empowerment in all my experiences.

Love & Compassion
4th Chakra - I Love

Forgotten the joy of experiencing life to the fullest? Start every morning with I Love and the intention of gratitude.
Looking to heal from the loss of a loved one or bring more harmony to a relationship? Rub I Love onto the heart area and let the healing unfold.
Try pairing it with I Feel to attract a new relationship or enhance your existing one.
This center represents our connection to humanity. The harmony of all of our relationships is held here, as joy, vitality and COMPASSION are primary correlates to the heart center.

Affirmation : I choose harmony in all my relationships. I choose a joyful and compassionate way of life.

Communication & Truth
5th Chakra - I Speak

Prepping for an important meeting or job interview? Rub I Speak onto the throat area for effective communication.
Try pairing it with I Feel to open to higher creativity.
This is our center for clear, effective communication, where we speak but also have the ability to listen.

Affirmation : I speak my truth with ease, grace and clarity.

Clarity & Vision
6th Chakra - I See

Looking for clarity? Spray I See in your home, office or creative playground to bring clear vision.
Try pairing it with I Can to bring motivation and success to your ideas.
The 3rd eye represents inner and outer vision. Clarity and truth in all experiences and the ability to manifest our vision’s into the physical realm.

Affirmation : I see all situations and experiences with the utmost clarity.

Peace & Tranquility
7th Chakra - I AM

Restless from stress and anxiety? Apply I Am to the palms and soles of feet prior to resting for sweet dreams.
Try pairing it with I Belong to bring inspiration and renewed purpose into your life.
This center represents our connection to the Divine and being open to the inspiration of our life’s purpose.

Affirmation : I am open to experience the Divine nature of my life.