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Adoratherapy Chakra Spice Set of 7 Roll ons
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Adoratherapy Chakra Spice Set of 7 Roll ons

Transform your intention, transform your practice, transform your life. Are you self aware but sometimes get uncentered? This set of 7 Chakra Spice Roll on, in its unisex gift box, gets you back to your healthy center and your purpose. Experience the power of uniquely formulated essential oils, absolutes, and gem and flower essences, in a base of organic Jojoba blends. This unique collection of 7 roll ons balance your chakras and awaken your senses. An alternative to perfume, this all natural collection can be applied on the neck, temples, wrists, and chakra centers. Tap into your vitality, creativity, motivation, joy, communication, clarity and tranquility through breath and affirmation. Adoratherapy products are Vegan, Cruelty Free and made in the USA.
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