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Life feel like it’s challenging you? Is your heart heavy and seeking uplifting? Spray Blissful Room Boost generously around you and ask for more self love and compassion. Apply Joy Chakra Boost to your heart chakra and palms and rub together, breathing in deeply. Spray Balanced Mood Boost around your face and invite more acceptance and generosity towards yourself and others.

Regular Price: $100.00

Special Price: $80.00

Room Boost: Mist linens, home, office or other personal space including yoga mats with this warm and spicy aroma. “It’s like feng shui for your mood and the mood of your environment.” Chakra Boost: "Roll on to palms of hands and breathe in deeply to enhance feelings of calm and tranquility. Also great for pressure point application, as a mini massage and as an all natural perfume. Focus on an intention and combine with an affirmation to enhance your Chakra Boost. You don’t have to choose just one! Use based on the mood of the moment. Try layering, pairing and adding your intention and the affirmation for optimum benefit.
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