Sacral & Heart Chakra Gemstone Necklace


The yellow solar plexus chakra, Manipura or ‘City of Jewels’ is the seat of your personal power, and your direction in life. The gemstones used here to help enhance that energy include yellow topaz,yellow sapphire,mexican fire opal, yellow jade...flowing beautifully into green gemstones that support your heart chakra, Anahata, the chakra that connects your lower three grounding chakras with you upper three more spirit driven chakras.

Gemstones incorporated here include peridot, green tourmaline, tsavorite, emerald, and chalcedony with a soupcon of turquoise, sodalite, and lapis to touch your throat chakra, Vishudda...the center of communication.and one tiny exquisite diamond bead to amplify the energy. 

Energetically charged sterling silver and gemstone necklaces to layer and wear together, or wear solo. Each necklace in this first collection of unique pieces is beautiful and a statement on their own.

Sterling silver and gemstone jewelry created by Tracy Baume with collected and found fine baubles and trinkets jewelry that will light you up while lighting up your chakras. Leather, natural diamonds, sterling silver charms collected over many years, mixed with other fun found objects to enhance and uplift your spirit.

We hope you enjoy our first collection of a mix of  one-of-a-kind and limited edition chakra gratitude necklaces and bracelets. Raise your vibration while ornamenting your magnificent goddess self.

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