Moonstone Heart Crystal for the Sacral Chakra


Linked with the energy of the moon.  This stone channels the beautiful white light of moonbeams shining light on your path to balance and harmony.  Moonstone also helps to raise your vibration and uplift your spirit.

When using Moonstone for manifesting, program your stone with whatever intention you want to focus on.  The energy of the crystal with the energy of the moon will help amplify your intention as well as raise your vibration and strengthen your ability to manifest.

Moonstone is a great stone to keep in your house or carry with you. For manifesting, write down your intention on a piece of paper and place it underneath your crystal so the stone can supercharge your intentions.  During a full moon, place your stone with your intention underneath the light of the moon to recharge.

If you are feeling uncertain or lost, hold the Moonstone in your hand to reconnect with your purpose and to find your path.

Place it at a location you will see each day as a reminder to live your purpose and passion each and every day.

Anoint your crystal heart with our Chakra Boost blends for the optimum healing experience. Hold your heart close to your chakra as you declare: "


Includes 1 heart Crystal 


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