Meditation Crystal Grid Kit with Crown Chakra Candle


A meditation grid is a great way to help you focus your mind. We've selected these crystals to keep you grounded while you activate your third eye and crown. Our Crown Chakra meditation candle will set the mood and your intention. Light your candle and place a small piece of folded paper with several sentences detailing your specific desire under your center quartz crystal. Connect with your spirit guides, archangels or simply to clear your mind. Your crystals have been activated with healing reiki energy.

This grid kit includes:

  • Wood Flower of Life Grid 

  • 17 energized tumbled crystals

  • Large center clear quartz crystal

  • 1 crown chakra candle (4 oz)

Energized by Reiki Master, Aura Reader and Chi energy masterJames. Each grid has been energized with master Skull Amelie sending Universal Love energy.

Your crystals should be cleansed and energized in the sun. Place your grid close to where you meditate or in a peaceful area that brings you joy, a place with sunlight will help keep the crystal grid energized.

Hold the center clear quartz crystal in your hand while imagining a beam of brilliant white light going into the stone. At the same time in your mind think of your stone being cleansed and filled with light & love. Also project the intent of your meditation grid. Moving the crystal over the smoke from your favorite incense will also help prepare it for the grid. Then place the quartz crystal in the center of the grid and use the same procedure for the remaining crystals going in numerical order following the instruction photo.

Once all the crystals are in place it is important to energize the entire grid. You can do this by waving a selenite wand or your hand over the grid in a clockwise circular pattern while visualizing white light encompassing the entire grid. 

Periodically (at least once a week) send light energy to the grid by waving your hand over it while visualizing a beam of brilliant white light going through all the stones.


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