Lover Tarot Charm Necklace


This 18K gold plated and green enamel Tarot Card charm necklace comes on a beautiful adjustable gold chain. Each charm has rainbow cubic zirconia stones border and one larger Clear stone. The bright colored enamel plating highlights the raised gold embossed tarot symbols.

The Lovers card shows a man and woman standing beneath the angel, Raphael, whose name means ‘God heals’ and represents both physical and emotional healing. The angel blesses them and reminds them of their union with the Divine. They stand in a beautiful, fertile landscape. Behind the woman stands an apple tree, with a snake. The twelve flames suggest the twelve zodiac signs, the symbol of time and eternity. The man looks to the woman, who watches the angel, showing the path of the conscious to the subconscious, physical desire to emotional needs to spiritual concerns.

When we wear a Tarot card close to our hearts that has a special meaning, we deepen our intention for its specific interpretation in our own lives.

The Lovers Card in the major Arcana symbolizes emotional and physical healing

Material: 18K Gold Chain, Cubic Zirconia, Enamel

Charm Size: 0.78 x 1.57 inch (20 x 40 mm)

Chain Size: 18.11 inch (45cm).


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