Clear Away Travel Room Boost 10ML Spray



Clear Away Aura Spray encourages self-expression and defined boundaries, allowing your space and surroundings to feel clean, relaxed and revitalized.

Key Notes & Benefits

Grapefruit: Caring and fortifying, helps to strengthen your sense of self-love and gratitude.

Lemon: Centering and clarifying, helps improve your ability to focus, restoring energy and mental flexibility.

Rose: Compassionate and healing, helps evoke feelings of love and promotes a deeper connection with others.

Smells Of... Refreshing and crisp, citrus harmony, with a touch of rose, leading with a restored sense of positivity and empathy.

Distilled water, organic essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang, grapefruit, lemon, rosemary, sage and peppermint and rose absolute, polysorbate 20.

Bedroom: Spray before you get out of bed for the first breath of the day. Spray on your sheets and pillow before laying to rest.

Home and Office: Spray in the room you are in to shift the energy to the mood you desire

Pets & Children: Spray to provide peace and calm to spaces you share with your family.

Yoga Mat and Meditation: Spray around you before or after your practice for purification and focus.

Travel: Spray around your self in public spaces to shift your energy inwards and release anxiety.

Personal Space: Mist your personal space for energy and recalibration.

10 ML
10 ML

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