Clarity Scented Tea Cup Body Lotion Melt


Clarity Scented Tea Cup Body Lotion Melt

One of kind cups

100% Vegan Soy Candle with natural luxurious essential oil fragrance, butters and oils. Vintage up cycled porcelain and china cups make these one of a kind candles easy to pour. No artificial dyes or chemicals. Made in small batches in the USA.  Lead free, cotton wick or wood wick.

A beautiful way to adore yourself, keep on your vanity, or side table and enjoy the scented candle before luxuriating in a warm oil massage. The lotion texture is light and the scent ever so balanced. Use on your hands and arms and breathe in from your cupped palms. Apply on your neck and shoulders, legs and feet in a circular motion and let your skin replenish as it absorbs the rich warm lotion.  An alternative to body sprays and lotions, the warmed lotion creates a ritual of self care at home.

Details: To use as a massage lotion, light the candle to create a melt pool, extinguish the flame and carefully pour into the hand or dip fingers into the pool and massage into the skin. This candle is designed to melt at low temperature so it does not burn the skin. Our massage candles are all natural and do not contain any artificial ingredients. Burn time is approximately 10 hours. 


Cocoa Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Natural Soy Wax, Vitamin E T-50, Organic Essential Oil Fragrance.


Clarity Blend: Lavender, tulsi, frankincense, myrrh, cardamon, spikenard

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