7 Healing Chakra Crystal Hearts


Making sure your chakras are aligned provides many benefits and will anchor your ritual of self love. It's not complicated when you know which stones work with which chakras. We've made it easy and put our seven favorite Chakra heart Crystals into a kit.

We've paired it with our Abundance anointing oil so that you can create a powerful ritual to enhance your healing journey.

At Adoratherapy, we take crystals and oils seriously and our 1" crystal hearts match up to your chakras to create maximum vibrational healing:


  • 7 - 1" chakra Heart crystals
  • 1 Dram Abundance Anointing Oil
  • 1 Satin Bag



The carnelian crystal boosts courage and self-confidence.  It purifies the blood and improves circulation.  It is the perfect stone for bringing in motivation and determination as well as guiding you to recognize your self worth.

The orange color is associated with fire and acts as an amplifier to ignite your wildest dreams and propel you to make them come true.

Carnelian primarily is a creative stone but also helps ones confidence such as when going to a job interview or doing a presentation.



Linked with the energy of the moon.  This stone channels the beautiful white light of moonbeams shining light on your path to balance and harmony.  Moonstone also helps to raise your vibration and uplift your spirit.

When using Moonstone for manifesting, program your stone with whatever intention you want to focus on.  The energy of the crystal with the energy of the moon will help amplify your intention as well as raise your vibration and strengthen your ability to manifest.

Moonstone is a great stone to keep in your house or carry with you. For manifesting, write down your intention on a piece of paper and place it underneath your crystal so the stone can supercharge your intentions.  During a full moon, place your stone with your intention underneath the light of the moon to recharge.

If you are feeling uncertain or lost, hold the Moonstone in your hand to reconnect with your purpose and to find your path.



When you are looking to help boost your courage, help overcome fear or taking risks in your life there is no better crystal to use than Tiger’s Eye. Its healing properties come from a combination of the sun and earth elements, giving it both grounding and inspiring vibrations.

Tiger’s Eye helps to clear any imbalances of the solar plexus chakra.

It is especially impactful for attracting wealth and breaking through financial blocks. Tiger’s Eye helps us transform toxic feelings such as fear, uncertainty, hesitation, insecurity into courage and self-confidence.

This allows you to keep its confidence increasing properties nearby so you can tap into whenever you need. Great for when you are going to an interview or having a difficult conversation with a loved one. When financial issues arise, take out the crystal to remind you that you are capable of anything you desire. It will help you shift from a fear-based to a confidence-based one.



Aventurine is a powerful gem for calming negative emotions that can get stuck in the heart chakra. Working with this stone generates healing properties that flow through you chakras, promoting harmony and balance as well as clearing away toxic emotions.

Helps to boost your luck. It is up to you give your crystal the intention so it will work for you.

Aventurine is also powerful when it comes to wealth, finances, and career goals.

Carrying aventurine in your purse or pocket allows you to bring lucky energy wherever you go. When you find yourself unlucky, just hold the stone in your hands and allow it to clear unwanted negative energy from your mind.



Turquoise can be programmed for anything, making it a powerful stone to amplify and strengthen your intentions.  Primarily Turquoise is used for its calming and healing energies. It is also popular for personal protection. 

Great to carry in your purse or pocket.  When you find yourself needing to connect to peaceful energy, hold your crystal and take a few breaths to transform into a more peaceful state of being.

Place it near your workspace, bed, or a place that you see each day as a reminder that peace is available to you whenever you need it. Turquoise provides a constant reminder to keep healthy including meditation as well as staying in physical shape. 



One of the most popular and sought after crystals in the world, amethyst is a stone that helps quiet your mind, aid in sleep, meditation, and moving into a higher state of being. Amethyst allows us to connect with our higher conscious and the angelic realm.

Opening and balancing our third eye chakra, we invite in more intuition and clairvoyance surrendering and partnering with our all knowing self. We are using our energy flowing inwards to activate the pineal gland and access the answers already within us that may be hiding or dormant. When this chakra is activated we move from DOING to BEING, allowing ourselves the gift of energy flowing in from inside and outside ourselves. This requires trust.

With an open third eye we begin our journey moving from the physical to the spiritual realms. Amethyst provides a constant reminder to keep healthy, to meditate as well as to stay in physical shape.



Opening and balancing your crown chakra allows you to connect with the divine nature of your life. The crown becomes a beacon and sending white light energy from the crown upwards and then down again through the root and into the center of the earth and back up again is a powerful way to connect and heal all the chakras.


Always start with anointing your crystal. You can check out this useful article to find out how.

You can carry  each individual crystal in your purse or pocket choosing the chakra and crystal that best match the intention of your day. When you find yourself needing to connect to this chakra's specific energy, hold your crystal and take a few breaths to transform. Place it near your workspace, bed, or a place that you see each day as a reminder that your healing is available to you whenever you need it. 

You can also lie down and get comfortable, placing each heart or one heart on its corresponding chakra. Receive each stone’s energy and breathe in the color of the stone to that part of your body. 

Creating an intentional Chakra healing ritual with crystals is a way to amplify your intention. You can add our Chakra Healing oils tot his ritual and match each stone with the specific oil. Learn more about chakra oils and crystals on the blog.


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