Aura Photo


Your Aura photo and a mini-reading.

Visualizing your Aura can help you with various aspects of your life. The colors of your Aura provide insight into your emotions, thoughts, and state of mind, allowing you to gain spiritual awareness. Auras are directly related to your chakras. Each color has a unique meaning. The human field changes from time to time, as a function of emotions, health, energy level, and one’s views on life. However, the overall Aura remains substantially the same over time, subject to minor changes.

Perfect for children and people who want a quick aura reading.What to expect during your session


To assure an optimal Auratherapy experience, please plan to arrive at least five minutes in advance of your scheduled time slot — as most appearances are fully booked, we can’t guarantee reservations for late arrivals.


The aura reading is for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any physical problems or medical conditions.


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