Amethyst Crystal Heart for the 3rd Eye Chakra


One of the most popular and sought after crystals in the world, amethyst is a stone that helps quiet your mind, aid in sleep, meditation, and moving into a higher state of being. Amethyst allows us to connect with our higher conscious and the angelic realm.

Opening and balancing our third eye chakra, we invite in more intuition and clairvoyance surrendering and partnering with our all knowing self. We are using our energy flowing inwards to activate the pineal gland and access the answers already within us that may be hiding or dormant. 

When the third eye is activated we begin our journey moving from the physical to the spiritual realms. 

When this spiritual chakra is activated we move from DOING to BEING, allowing ourselves the gift of energy flowing in from inside and outside ourselves. This requires trust.

Great to carry in your purse or pocket.  When you find yourself needing to connect to peaceful energy, hold your crystal and take a few breaths to transform. Place it near your workspace, bed, or a place that you see each day as a reminder that peace is available to you whenever you need it. Amethyst provides a constant reminder to keep healthy, to meditate as well as to stay in physical shape. 

Anoint your crystal heart with our TRANQUILITY Chakra Boost blends for the optimum healing experience. Hold your heart close to your CROWN chakra as you declare:"I AM OPEN TO EXPERIENCE THE DIVINE NATURE OF MY LIFE".

Includes a 1" heart crystal & satin bag.


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