We are proud to create breathtaking products to heal your chakras and your aura.
We use the highest grade therapeutic organic essential oils and clean ingredients.
We believe scent should have an intention, a purpose and that it should provide functional benefits that transcend smelling good.
Feeling good is the objective.
We know, that in the end, you are the secret ingredient, and with some coaching you become your own healer.
We are all vibrational beings looking to become the best version of ourselves.
We know that when you remember that your thoughts create your reality, you will begin a new journey of self acceptance.
You will finally know that you are DIVINE. You will finally adore yourself!

Holiday FAQ

  • We appreciate that choosing a fragrance online is not obvious. That is why we have created as many ways for you to experience our products as we can with images, and words.  We are committed to your finding the right Mood Boosts for you. Here are some easy steps to help with your selection:

    If you have concerns about certain oils and ingredients, we provide full transparency and will be happy to share more information on each formulation.

    If you still have questions about our innovative formulas, contact us by phone 877.840.4242 or email your questions to info@adoratherapy.com.

  • Adoratherapy's Aroma-perfumes are the beyond organic, clean alternative to traditional perfume.

    Perfume is designed to smell great.

    It's all about Outer Beauty.

    Aroma-Perfume is designed to breathe in. 

    This is all about Inner beauty.

  • Our products remain 95% organic or more, but they are also vegan, cruelty free and contain no synthetic scents or unapproved clean ingredients!

    Our sprays contain water, which is not considered organic, so that last 5% is nature’s way of saying make sure the water is safe. To protect our water-based solutions from any microbial changes we have added a natural preservative.

    To find out more about each scent's ingredients and see for yourself what clean perfume really looks like, check out our website where we provide full transparency on the ingredient tabs of our product pages.