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Love the Serene Room Boost Spray

All the room boosts are great, but Serene is the best. I give it frequently as a gift and everyone loves it.

Love them!

Beautiful pieces that are of fantastic quality

Mood Boost Gift Box
Lyn Michelle
More peace, balance & inspiration

Great set and great value. Saved money buying the gift set. Can't decide which one is my favorite. I use them all at different times in my day. Just taking a deeper breath that smells so good and saying the affirmations seems to make a difference in my mood.

My wife loved it!

Class A from customer service, packaging and the wonderful scents. My wife loved the gift.

Gift recipients thrilled!

Friends wanted to know where the roll on came from--I sent them to you!

mmm, wonderful

i love this warm, spicy spray and how it fills my space with its rich scent!

Blissful indeed!

every time i use this delicious scent, i truly feel uplifted! i'm so glad to have this spray around when i need an emotional pick-me-up.


i love this lotion! in addition to leaving my skin silky smooth, the scent is both rich and is a daily treat to myself.

Great Scent

Love Chakra #5

Best Lotion ever

I usually use lotion for dry hands and legs, it's a commodity, not a luxury. So when I splurged for this Chakra 1 lotion, my intention was to be grounded. Little did I know I'd also be captivated. The scent of this lotion is earthy and perfumed, the sandalwood & patchouli no doubt. It's as though the sent vibrates as I rub it on my feet and legs. I bring my hands to my face and breathe in from my cupped hands. All I can say- it's an experience, not a lotion. With every breath, I smell a different nuance of and harmony. I delight in my senses. I feel healed. Who knew lotion could be exalting.

This candle has been a blessing in getting me through the holiday season! Working retail is brutal and this meditation candle has helped to provide my most calm, both mentally and physically, season to date! Coworkers took notice!

Fabulous - In Love with Balanced Mood Boost Perfume Spray

Adoratherapy was a gracious sponsor of an IG Challenge I participated in. I was so excited when I received my prize from them! This spray is magnificent! So pretty and not overwhelming, soothing and energizing, all at the same time! I especially love wearing it on stressful work days - helps keep my mind and mood even and calm and focused. I loved it so much I wanted to share, so I ordered a whole bunch of samples to give to my family and friends with their Christmas gifts (and also because I wanted to smell all the other smells too)! :D They just arrived, nestled with care in the prettiest packaging, along with a special little Evil Eye Protection surprise! I cannot wait to see what everyone thinks! Thank you, Adoratherapy! XOXO -Jen

Creativity Chakra Boost Roll On Perfume Oil

Love your Abundance Room Boost

The scent of your Abundance Room Boost is very uplifting and keeps me in a positive vibration!

Must Have

I absolutely adore my mood boost inspired spray! I keep it at my desk as I work from home now and when I can’t be out taking walks and doing my yoga I take multiple pauses during the day with a boost spritz of my beautiful inspired mood boost spray! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it I am in love with it! It’s become a ritual and the delicious minty yet calming lavender scents make my day thank you!

I love Vitality!

I use the product every day and it’s my go to when I’m getting ready in the morning.

Powerful & pretty

Loved these sprays & the packaging makes them a lovely gift!

Third Eye Magic

I am always working on my third eye, so adding this cute travel size candle to my third eye opening made my day. I like that it comes in a tin and can travel, perfect for my suitcase. I light it when I am focusing on activating my intuition during meditation or journaling. It smells great and it's very pretty.

One of the coolest experiences ever!

My aura photography experience was so fun and interesting! Jim was incredible and informative, and Laura was also! I can’t explain how comfortable I instantly felt around them both. I went with a friend and she felt the exact same! So cool, can’t recommend it enough!! In w

So Calming

Such an amazing candle, when it melts it feels so calm and I really like the Sunstone gemstone!

Minty & calming

Such a pretty candle. Real lapis gemstones! What a neat idea. The scent is calming and not sweet or sugary or too floral. Definitely gender neutral which is why I bought it for my boyfriend. I liked the idea he’d open his throat chakra and speak and listen. Very luxe for the price.

I just can't get enough!!! Perfect for trips!!!

5 Stars times 10! I the carrier oils that you find in Adoratherapy products, are soft and not oily - the Moodzee delivers with a large and wonderful roller ball! I recently flew from Orlando to London and had my moodzee on board... it was absolutely wonderful! This product is second to none! The eucalyptus is a beautiful and hardly overpowering dose of pure joy each and every roll. I love it! Thank you for making such an amazing product and at such an awesome value.

Great experience!!

My husband and I traveled to Asheville from Kentucky specifically to have this aura reading done. I had a friend that had one done a couple of months ago and she really enjoyed it so I knew it was something I wanted to do on our trip. My husband had never had any kind of reading done before so this was exciting for him. It was a very informative and healing report! We both also really enjoyed the aromatherpy part as well. We love essential oils so it was great to hear how the different blends can help raise our chakra vibrations. We purchased several blends while there and will definitely be returning the next time we come to Asheville!

A real beauty

Really impressed with how luxurious this candle is compared to other brands that sell for way more. It’s beautiful- from the heavy glass tumbler to the real gemstones. And it smells amazing. Not overpowering at all. I’m keeping the crystals for more collection and love the idea I can upcycle them and the glass.

good fragrance

nice product