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Gemini Baby

I ran across this company when looking through my Shopify Collabs and was immediately in love with their collection! I do get a commission from any sales from my link, but I am also a new customer. When I partner with a brand, I always make sure I like what I am "promoting," so I knew I needed to see for myself that I was promoting a good product, and I definitely am! I am almost finished with the video I will be putting out on my TikTok soon, and I can't wait to share with everyone how good the quality is from ADORAtherapy.

Love the blend of the ingredients

The chamomile scent is relaxing. I used to drink chamomile tea as it helps to ease anxiety and initiate sleep. Thankful for this product. I use to roll on to my palms and breathe in deeply before I go to sleep. Thanks Adoratherapy!

Aura Reading
Mary Hutchison
An aura reading is a great gift!

I gifted aura readings to my siblings and their partners for Christmas. Each found the reading insightful and informative.
I had mine read in August and still refer back to the info in the multi page report.
Highly recommend!

Deep Blue

I enjoy wearing this bracelet on the days I need to see more clearly. each stone is like a dark blue cloud. It feels precious to me.

My mood booster!

It's like a happy pill for me! I keep it in my pocket always and it helps me keep motivated :)

Awake Mood Boost Aroma Perfume Spray
Wendy Maguire/Second Wind the Podcast
Wanna Sleigh the Dragon? Use the spray!

Nothing has made such an improvement in my mood, my day and my productivity like the Adoratherapy products! Before I interview and record Second Wind the Podcast, I spray the Clear Away Room Boost spray. I use the Serene Room Boost Spray on my pillows and bed linens every night and fall right to sleep. I use the Mood Boost Aroma Perfume Spray literally every day as a pick me up. Every time someone gives me a hug they say I smell so good. These products are fabulous and deliver. So much Value and have made a difference in my overall health. Everyone gets Adoratherapy gifts from me and they love them! These products are under priced for the value they deliver!

Absolutely amazing!

I have been using this spray for quite some time now and it's absolutely amazing! It helps center my mood and easy any anxiety I may be having at that moment! I highly recommend anything from this amazing company! She puts so much love and compassion into her products that you can feel it!

It’s like medicine!!!

This roll on makes me instantly happy as soon as I apply it to my wrists. It’s like medicine that works immediately!

Smell so good!!

I love to breathe in the scents of this beautiful Moodzee whenever I feel tired and out of focus.

The best soy candle ever!

I really love the smell of this soy candle! I put it always in my table. Thanks adoratherapy for this amazing product. :)

Really feel the boost

It’s pleasant and effective. And just a little decadent. Lifts my spirits for those zoom calls.

Always spot on

Dubious at first…convoked forever more now

Fresh and Sweet Scent!

It's amazing to find one of the best Eucalyptus essential oil I found online. The smell is great definitely will buy again!!!

Drive Moodzee Roller Ball
Wendy Maguire/Second Wind the Podcast
Feel it, Smell it, Live it!

I cannot begin to thank Laura and her team enough for sharing these wonderful products with the world! Beautiful and healthy ways to find balance with your energetic reading, feel your balance with the room sprays and candles and wear your balance with scents that far exceed commercial sprays and perfumes. A truly selfless journey Laura and Jim have been on to continuously educate and share the information with us!

Love ADORAtherapy

The roll on Scents from ADORAtherapy are my go-to fragrances for clarity and tranquility. I carry them with me and use them often. You'll love the peace inhaling them will bring.

Beautiful and smells heavenly!

A golden moment....

This is such an elegant presentation for such a soothing product. It feels so good!!

Great product

This was so perfect that my friend purchased it once she smelled it off of me


I really loved the scent of this candle . It made my room smell very delicious

Amazing scent!

I love this roll on perfume oil so much! I am very sensitive to scents so I usually lean towards essential oils but I had never tried a perfume oil before but this definitely did not disappoint. The mixture of focusing and calming scents allows me to feel confident while communicating with others. I am so glad to now have this as a part of my routine!

There is a heart for that

The cutest little heart shaped crystal in tiger eye. I carry it in my pocket and somehow it seems to ground me.

You need this!

This candle is the perfect scent and addition to your spiritual bath routine!

Perfume that works...

Who knew in the science of our noses that we could actually use perfume to change our mood?? Adora therapy wins first prize from me!


MIRROR MIRROR - All through covid there was no one to say: How beautiful! This took the "awkward: about reminding myself ... I am FINE...and my affirmations reinforce it daily.

Smarterthan smart!

I thought I was smart - I just got SMARTER!