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Love the Chakra Boost Discovery Set

If you are unsure where to start with Adoratherapy, I highly recommend starting with the Chakra Boost Discovery Set. The set comes with seven mini-oil and color-coded cards with mantras. They work! I rolled the Create Oil onto my wrists, rubbed them together, inhaled, and recited the corresponding Mantra. I saw orange! I can’t wait to dive into more of the products.

Amazing Benefits

Such peace and stillness comes from this beautiful candle burn.

Perfect for my Sacral Chakra

Thanks adoratherapy I found the best meditation candle for my daily healing routine!

Love this candle!

Ships quickly, smells amazing and the gemstones are so cute. Love it, thank you!!

I Feel more beautiful and confident! Thanks to this amazing product aroma perfume spray. It helps to remind me to look the brighter side of everything and be beautiful!!

Finally found my scent match!

I am OBSESSED with the Inspired Mood Boost... I am so not a perfume girl because I am sensitive to strong scents, and this one is EVERYTHING! The combo of oils plus the application method, it is so pure and delicious. It's amazing how I literally feel my shoulders pull back with inspired confidence when I put it on.


Amazing what peace this scent can bring after a long day.


Light citrus scent. Great ingredients. Glides on with ease and absorbs in seconds. Lasts a while on my skin. Love how it goes on and keeps my skin well moisturized. Perfect roller ball applicator, no greasy mess.

Beautiful & Delcious Smell

Wonderful products

The products are amazing , natural, good quality and delicious aroma.

Very nice people

My BFF were going around downtown happened in we had our aura’s read it was really telling of our personalities and our friendship. It has made me connect somethings in my personal growth I love my clearing spray and my aura oil. Found everyone at the shop to be very sweet snd supportive. Was high light in our trip!


They were so kind and accommodating had a great time and learned a lot.

Violet Aura Candle
Lyn Michelle
Sparkle & Joy

Couldn’t resist this pretty candle. It smells so good and the little tin makes it safe with my pets.

Love this oil!

The oil smells great and the customer service was excellent.


This lime aromatherapy roller ball is tangy, sour and oh so healing. I feel energized when I use it. I carry it everywhere. Inspiring, uplifting and captivating.

Love it

I love love love adoratherapy!!! I have been using the Chakra boost tranquility roll on perfume oil. I use it several times a day. It calms my mind and recenters me. I can't tell you how much it's helped me. I roll it on my palms and then cup over my nose and do 5 deep breaths and I am focused again.

Wonderful roll on fragrance!

This is an amazing fragrance that I use every time when I feel stressed, or not feeling well. It helps me to relax and unwind from busy life that I have with my family. Love the scent, which is natural, refreshing, long lasting, and smells beautiful. We all deserve a time for ourselves, and this product is one of the things that everyone should use, at least once a day, because its effective.
Thank you for making something that works for everyone!

Best sampler Ever

It’s always hard to pick a scent, or in this case a chakra..So I purchased this discovery set. First, I was surprised I got the same size bottle they sell for $15…and got 7 for $50..that’s more than 50% off…They came in a cute bag with 7 mini cards with affirmations and a menu card. I tried them one at a time, following the instructions to add my intention. I enjoyed the experience. Kind of like a wine tasting for your nose and your energy field. I did have some favorite scents which I will buy in a bigger size now that I’m in love with the aromas. What I adore is the fact that these will help with my rituals of self care. In the past the samplers I have purchased were cheaper, but nothing like this. This is more like a gift to self.

Complete Package

I am so happy to received my package with complete 7 different blends. All of them is my favorite!!

Love your products! Quality Quality Quality and your packaging is gorgeous!

Quality Quality Quality ….feels great, smells great and your packaging is gorgeous!

Beautiful packaging even more beautiful aroma

These products are so good. Every spray takes you on a journey of the senses. I just love it, and it looks beautiful on my perfume tray … I would give it more than 5 stars!

Smells so good!

I love the Creativity Perfume oil because it smells so good and gives me a boost. I find that I'm applying the roll on a couple times a day and also right before I go to sleep for creative dreaming!

Incredible Experience

My friend and I stopped in to have our auras read on a weekend trip to Asheville, and it was the highlight of our trip. The store has a calm and happy vibe, and after having our auras read, they helped us find scents for healing. I’ve been using them for the last two weeks, and I love them. It is incredible what slowing down, breathing, and inhaling scents can do. It was an awesome experience, and I’d recommend it to everyone!

Joy Chakra Boost Roll On Perfume Oil

great for body and mind balance

I use this to calm my mind and feel better. It helps me practice mindfulness and whole body relaxation.