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OMG ... I totally love this smell, I just wish everyone could smell it. My husband just kept smelling it because he absolutely loved the smell. So sweet and lasting!! I used it today in my meditation and yoga practice!! I totally recommend this product, perfect for your practice. Just apply on your wrists or pressure points, simple as that. Love the smell ❤️

Best natural smelling fragrance

This is not overpowering. Great pairing of earthy notes with softer tones. Glides on easy and doesn’t come out too fast.

Perfect for centering the self

I love these roller balls! I keep one in my bag and love to use it before yoga. It helps me to clear my head and focus on the present and what matters. The oils are calming and refreshing - I am obsessed with this product.

Passion Room Boost Spray
Julie Kelley-Bushey
Essential Booster

I am so happy with this beautiful product .
It is amazing how it changes my mood to relaxed and calm. I have made several more purchases and am pleased with all of them 💖

Just lovely!

First of all I loved the packaging. It made unboxing feel very luxurious. The little bottle is so cute! The smell is really nice too, it feels like a lot of thought went into it. My husband isn't a fan of any of the oil smells (he's a cologne guy), but I put it on the backs of my hands before yoga and have a nice aroma for my practice. Thank you!

Joy chakra boost

This scent puts a huge smile on my face and reminds me of the yang-ylang trees blooming in Costa Rica.

Amazing aroma!!

This is one of my two very favorite scents. Yes, it is floral but it is so perfectly and delicately balanced that I hesitate to file it as a floral aroma. I do not usually go for that essence. However, the ylang ylang and gardenia seem to perfectly combine with the jasmine and rose to minimize any floral intensities. Bergamot keeps it just the right amount of earthy. The lavender is a must to create this uplifting, yet relaxing fragrance. It feels natural and summery. Fresh, bright, beautiful. Intoxicating ones mind with images of love, elegance, and cheer. It’s pleasant and subtle. But not too subtle. I wear this and tranquility together and I get a lot of compliments on my scent! Love, love, love!!!

Fantastic fragrance

It’s so refreshing. I love them all but this one is fabulous really having both the jasmine and rose come thru

Great set

This oil set is amazing. Plus the customer service for this company is also amazing! I highly recommend and would order from them again.

Love the scent

I absolutely love this roller ball blend!! It’s a fresh , delicious and awakening scent yet not too strong.


the only type of perfume I'll ever wear, all natural, and not thank just a divine scent, it's therapeutic, calming and soothing. also love the design and the packaging.

Obsessed with this scent

Cannot get enough of the Clarity Chakra Boost. My new several times a day go to. Fabulous product and experience. Strong recommend.

Great Product!

I got tranquility, the crown chakra and it smells amazing. The bottle and box are beautiful and I will be using it with my mediation and yoga practices.


I absolutely love this scent and the ease with which is comes out of the roller. It smells amazing on and immediately calms me. I can’t wait to try them all!

I love it so much!!!!

I got this as a gift and I love it so much!
I love the beautiful bottle and fresh light scent!
Highly recommended for anyone looking for a new room fragrance!

I love it!

Light scent Easy to use

I have a hard time really smelling the scent of this perfume roll-on. It’s easy use . Came out pretty quickly to my house they shipped it out right away. The only other thing I don’t like about it I don’t feel any benefits to it but I only put on twice so.

Great mood boosting scent.

Absolutely love this Room Boost spray! I keep it on my nightstand to freshen up my bedroom.

Clean scent

I won this product in an Instagram contest. It was shipped quickly and packaged beautifully. The scent is so crisp and summery, it reminds me of sunshine. My rooms smell great!

Passion Room Boost Spray
Julie Ann Meyer
Finally... a scent we agree on!

I love all AdoraTherapy products BUT but I’ll never forget the first time I used this Room Boost Spray! My boyfriend loved it so much that he took it home with him. LOL! I’m not used to “losing” my products to him but he just loved it so much. Thank goodness there’s more where that came from!

Amazing Aroma

I absolutely love all things Adoratherapy and Passion Room Boost Spray is no exception! It’s smells so delicious! The bottle is beautiful and small enough to bring it on the go!

Truly Amazing!

This is such a wonderful fragrance, I love sandalwood, and jasmine so this is perfect. Passion Room Boost brings positive vibes and it feels like I’m breathing amazing fresh air. What makes it better is knowing it’s completely natural! Definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to try a room boost spray.


This fragrance is perfect when I need a boost of energy! I like to use it just before my violin practice, it gives me fire and motivation

Smells amazing

Absolutely my favourite room spray ever, smells divine.

Love it!

I spritz this in my room before o practise yoga and it’s amazing! Really calms me down and makes my practise so much better. Love the musky wood scent. It really makes it seem like I’m practising by myself in a yoga studio