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It's nice to have this one, if you want to keep your mask fresh absolutely you need this!

Perfect wherever I go!

I'm glad I found a vegan and organic aroma perfume totally love this!

Pocket Size Abundance
Suzanne M Jonas

I love it, it is like a "spritz of confidence and well being"......

I love it!

I already loved my Vitality chakra perfume the spicy and woodsy scent is smelling divine!

Smell Sweet!

Amazing scent of citrus and floral, fast shipping and I love the packaging.

Clear Away Room Boost Spray
Gail G Lamuraglia
Clear Away Room Boost Spray

Love this one! Do it every day. Smells great and does the job!

Pleasant, not overpowering

This scent is lovely and complex. It is pleasant without being overpowering. The packaging is lovely and classic. A perfect addition to toss in my purse.


Oh! how I love the fresh and minty scent of this Inspired mood boost, it keeps me fresh all day long.

Citrusy and fresh!

I keep it handy, I spray around my personal space, in my hair & breathe and I really love the amazing scent.

Soft and citrus 🍊

I didn’t expect this scent to be as soft as it is orange. Instead of a tart acidic burst, you get the Jasmine & Ylang Ylang notes with the blood orange. I can’t explain it but if definitely is a clean, refreshing scent while also being soft and expressive. I bought it to use when I need to feel softer and sweeter myself!

I feel beautiful!

I have this as a gift from my friend and I really like the incredible scent. I am so happy with this amazing product.

I am focused!

I love the feeling that this amazing product has, I feel awake and motivated! Definitely would buy again.

Its Fine

I don't love the forward floral notes in this blend. I like other blends more. I also like the oils more. The spray has an interesting texture on the skin almost the sticky.

Absolutely love it

Such a beautiful candle. I love the scent and the nourishment it brings to my body and mind so much. Perfect for balancing the root chakra ❤️🙏❤️

I feel seductive!

This is my go to sensual spray to remind me I am woman.

It's captivating!

When its time to vibrate higher and attract what I need most, this spray is magic.

I love this Joy chakra boost!

The heart wants what it wants and it told me to Adore myself. So I picked Joy to boost my heart chakra.

It's earthy and spiritual!

I want all the intuition I can get but it requires I do the work. Clarity Chakra Boost is my go to blend. It's earthy and spiritual.

Let’s hit the ball out of the park

I picked up a reach Moodzee at the store. I really liked the sleek gold packaging and it fits into my pocket. I’m using it more than I thought: before a meeting, when I get in my car, when I’m getting home and need to shift. Great product for on the go, and I do think my moods are improved!

Amazingly Beautiful

I’m in love with the Cedarwood & Sandalwood combination, it makes me feel truly relaxed. Applying it after a nice bath, there’s nothing more grounding. Breathing in the calming, beautiful therapeutic grade essential oils really bring some balance into my life.

It's bright and sweeet!

When what I want most is a juicy sacral, i use my Creativity Chakra Boost and access my feminine divine energy.

It's earthy and sweet!

When I need to cleanse my breath and rooms, this one goes in my diffuser.

100% pure and vegan!

Takes me to the gods and back!


I have a lot of energy but need a boost midday that is not unhealthy. This lemon and cinnamon blend is zest and switches me back on with a few breaths.

It relaxes my mind!

I always love the scent of lavender and chamomile. I spray my room and it relaxes my mind. It's made from organic and natural ingredients! I love this!