Moodzee Performance Boost Gift Set

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Performance Boosts encourage you in the moments you need to strengthen your resolve or quiet your mind.

Empowering yourself to climb any summit, sweat, breathe and move, push, give and then doing it all over again is a breathtaking act of courage.

Give yourself the gift of presence with this perfect gift set with our three bestselling organic essential oil blends for high performers.

Perfectly pre-blended multi-note organic essential oils in a luscious base of organic jojoba oil, this set of three pocket-sized Roller Balls give you a mood boost when needed most.

Each blend is meticulously prepared with organic jojoba oil, providing a nourishing, non-greasy feel, and housed in our pocket-sized Roller Balls, offering immediate access to their benefits. Moreover, these blends carry the dual-purpose of subtle, natural fragrances that affirm your presence without overwhelming the senses.

The first of its kind in the wellness fragrance industry, Moodzees combine the essentials of aromatherapy with the ready-to-go nature of travel-friendly fragrance. There’s no prep work required when using Moodzees – we do all that pre-blending for you! Just pop open your Roller Balls on-the-go and apply to skin to get a quick aromatherapy fix.



Drive is just the performance boost you need to crush a high intensity workout, a big work presentation or any other active goal you want to accomplish. It empowers you to climb any summit and encourages you in moments when you need strength. Sweat, breathe and move with Moodzee Drive.  With the grounding scents of cedarwood and sandalwood, coupled with the stimulating aroma of ginger and a hint of vanilla sweetness, this blend is a call to action. It embodies the tenacity and passion needed to power through challenges.

Organic jojoba, juniper, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, cedarwood, sandalwood and ginger essential oils.



Reach is the inspiring boost you need to balance your outlook, purify your soul or succeed in any other harmonizing goal you want to thrive in. It evokes a positive attitude and nurtures your spirit in moments when you need encouragement. Strive, breathe and flourish with Moodzee Reach.  Ideal if you are striving for harmony in your daily hustle. REACH is a symphony of eucalyptus for clarity, lavender for calm, and a touch of frankincense to evoke inner peace. The subtle notes of laurel and hyssop are a nod to ancient wellness practices, inviting a soulful alignment with every breath.

Organic jojoba, eucalyptus, fennel, cypress, lavender, fir, frankincense, laurel and hyssop essential oil.



Focus is the concentration boost you need to stay attentive and engaged in a deep meditation, challenging exam or any other awareness goal you want to succeed in. It rouses your attention for complete contemplation and maintains your vigilance in moments when you need a sharpened mindset. Illuminate, breathe and reflect with Moodzee Focus.  Crafted for moments that demand unwavering concentration. FOCUS is your anchor in the sea of distractions. Citrus notes from bergamot and grapefruit offer a refreshing mental lift, while rosemary and tulsi sharpen cognition. This blend is a vigilant guardian for mental acuity, a true companion for those deep dives into work or study.

Organic jojoba, bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, tulsi, cardamom, rosemary and lime essential oils.

Safe & Ready to Use

Stick it in your pocket.  Take it with you. Breathe in. Do it again. 

Our pre-diluted organic essential oils are blended in organic jojoba oil. Apply right out of the bottle. Our handy roller ball can travel with you. Apply anytime, anywhere. Our dropper bottles make it easy to use our single note oils in your diffuser or when formulating your own formulas. Breathe in deeply to trigger scent memory and shift your mood.


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