Mini Mood Boost Gift Set


 Everyday offers the perfect opportunity to take a deep breath. Our moods benefit from our intentional moments of self care and adding essential oils to our breath can shift and transform us in the moment.

Our Mini Mood Boost gift box is curated with our best selling Mood Boosts: Balanced, Inspired and Peaceful.

Balanced: Floral and exotic, sweet and intoxicating, Balanced is feminine and heartfelt. With top notes of rose, gardenia and jasmine.

Inspired: Fresh and minty, cool and pleasant,

Peaceful: Sweet and floral, harmonious and soothing, Peaceful is calming and serene. With top notes of lavender, rosewood, and cardamon.

Take your best breath of the day and spray around your personal space, in your hair & breathe in deeply for an immediate mood boost. Anchor your affirmation of self-love through deep breath. Focus on an intention and combine with an affirmation to enhance your Mood. Try layering and pairing too! The Gal on the Go spray comes packaged in its own rose gold & white matchbox with our signature ribbon pull. Use based on the mood of the moment. You don’t have to choose just one! Our slogan, on the inside of the box, is there to remind you to always “Adore Yourself!” You'll love the award winning, giftable packaging just as much as the product.


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