Sacral & Heart Chakra Gemstone Necklace with Rainbow Quartz Point


Edition of One

Yellow Jade & Moss Agate, connects to your Solar plexus and heart chakras. It integrates the spiritual realm with the physical body, enhances creativity, and energizes and cleanses the lower chakras. Knotted with blue cord, a beautiful sterling silver drop allows for interchanging multiple fun dangles, and finished with a butter soft cord that allows you to adjust to the length that's best for you. This necklace comes with a rainbow quartz point.

Yellow Jade is energetic and stimulating, yet mellow. It brings joy and happiness. Teaches the interconnectedness of all beings.

Moss Agate carries energies of persistence and endurance, as well as of success, wealth, and prosperity. It can boost your optimism, creativity, self-esteem, and self-confidence. This crystal can help you release old and unhealthy habits.

-Yellow Jade & Moss Agate hand knotted beads

-Adjustable cord with stainless steel jump rings and a CZ pave bead to customize the length of the cord.

-Silver carabineer clasp allows you to change out the charms

-CZ pave lobster claw hooks allow you to take the cord off and turn into a bracelet or mix and match with other pieces.

-Rainbow quartz point includes aventurine, sodalite, amethyst and rose quartz

Extravagant, elegant and playful describes our new assemblage of one of a kind and limited edition jewelry to elevate your your mood and your chakras as you’re boosting your spirit with our ADORAtherapy scents.

Energetically charged sterling silver and gemstone necklaces to layer and wear together, or wear solo. Each necklace in this first collection of unique pieces is beautiful and a statement on their own.

Sterling silver and gemstone jewelry created by Tracy Baume with collected and found fine baubles and trinkets jewelry that will light you up while lighting up your chakras. Leather, natural diamonds, sterling silver charms collected over many years, mixed with other fun found objects to enhance and uplift your spirit.

We hope you enjoy our first collection of a mix of one-of-a-kind and limited edition chakra gratitude necklaces and bracelets.

Raise your vibration while ornamenting your magnificent goddess self.

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