From a Cubicle in Corporate America to a Lotus Pond in India

How One Woman Came to Her "Senses" and Built a Thriving Aromatherapy Business

In her early twenties, Adora Winquist uprooted her life.

For the past several years, she'd worked in frontline customer service for cable TV. When people came in and their TV didn't work they would get upset. Some would explode in a fit of rage and then leave, but the negative energy they left behind hung in the air.

"It was still tangible. The heaviness really affected myself and my coworkers, but because it was corporate America we couldn't burn incense or candles or sage."

"I thought: I want to do something about this," said Winquist.  

So she started doing research on herbs that had been traditionally used for cleansing and purification and came up with an aromatherapy formulation for the office.

"I brought it into the office and we started using it and was like, wow, this really works!"

People started asking to purchase it, and it took on a life of its own.