Once we realize that we are what we create, our focus begins to shift. We start to evaluate our words, actions and as importantly, our thought processes with the affirmation that to live life in love, non-judgment, healing and forgiveness is truth. This is the ALL. We are divinity and we are perfection. As co-creators and creators, the possibilities are endless. Limitation does not exist, unless you will it, after all free will does prevail. Do you choose to live your life in mastery or exist in a world of hopelessness and helplessness, as a perpetual victim? There is always a choice. Every time we berate and admonish a colleague, friend, family member or stranger, we are living in disempowerment. For it is only in our self-judgment that we stand, encountering our own reflection in those before us. By letting judgment and fear control us, we are denying that spark of divinity that is so brightly lit within.