Embarking Upon Your Spiritual Journey

Awakening to your spirituality can seem like a wonder.  Whether this happens early in life or in one’s adulthood, it is important that once you awaken to this new aspect of your life that you do not neglect the spiritual beliefs that you have adopted. Finding a community to share your beliefs, living by the beliefs that you’ve embraced, and changing as you discover new aspects to your spirituality can be the difference between living your best life and simply living.

Community is Key 

Nothing is more difficult than learning to embrace your newfound spirituality alone. Once you know what you believe in, find others who share a similar set of beliefs and see the different ways that they embrace their spirituality. If you believe in prayer, then you may find that attending regular bible studies is for you.  If you prefer searching inward for answers, then meditation to quiet music surrounded by the light scent of incense may better help you clear your mind. 

There is no quicker way to discover new ways to embrace your freshly-awakened spiritual side than to share what you believe and what you've learned with others.  You may find companions in those willing to listen to your stories, or you may see yourself in some of the lessons they admit to having learned during their spiritual awakening.  Don't hesitate to use that resource.

Live Your Beliefs and Embrace New Ones 

It's much easier to say that you believe something than it is to honor it.  If you wish for anyone to take your newfound spirituality seriously, then you need to practice what you preach.  Embrace the facets of your spirituality that work for you, be it prayer, meditation, or simply spending time in nature.

This goes back to the idea of community, but by embodying your beliefs via your daily life, they will take you more seriously and be more willing to share their ideas of how to practice them. When someone suggests a new way to practice your spirituality, give it a chance rather than dismissing it as unnecessary. 

Embracing spirituality is an ongoing process, and just because you've found something that you can believe in doesn't mean the journey stops there.  Embrace community, be open to new ideas and methods to practice your beliefs and live the spirituality that you've chosen.  If you are willing to try this out, there is no faster way to nurture your spiritual awakening healthily and productively.