Chakra Balancing with ADORAtherapy Chakra Boosts

Creativity Chakra Boost

Energy Center: Sacral Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Svadisthana

Top Notes: Blood Orange, Geranium & Jasmine

Color: Orange

Mantra: I Feel

Mood & Feeling Experience: Sensuality, Balanced Emotions, Feminine Power

Affirmation: I am deeply abundant, creative and resourceful, attracting True Sacred Relationship.

This chakra represents our emotional self as it is the gateway to the emotional body. All unresolved emotions are held within this energy center. This center also represents our sensual nature as well as our relationship with our creativity, self expression and connection to our feminine power. The core message of this energy center truly is to “Adore Yourself," learning new ways and habits to self love, self care, and self accept as we traverse the ever self defining paths we carve out through life’s journey. For me this vital energy center is representational of my core healing journey. Through the process of healing my own relationship with my feminine side and searching and sifting through all the layers of self and self-truth, I have been able to overcome many of the            challenges, both physically and emotionally that were so heavy during my teens and twenties, including endometriosis. It still shocks me that if I had taken the advice of my medical doctor in my early 20’s, my two incredible girls Lilly and Violet would not be here today. There is an intuitive aspect to the sacral chakra, that the more healing we bring to ourselves, the easier it is to hear that wise woman voice within. That voice, as we become more intimate with its resonance, can provide guidance from the most mundane question to the most sublime. For this I am deeply grateful.


The ADORAtherapy Creativity Chakra Boost aromatic profile is complex, as with all the 7 alchemical formulas. This blend took a number of years to complete and “sing” as I like to call a formula when it reaches completion. Our Creativity Chakra Boost is expertly crafted from a select (bio-dynamic) blood orange from Israel that is brilliantly uplifting and soaring with life-force, organic Tunisian neroli to harmonize the emotions, organic geranium from Madagascar to tap the deep resource of self expression, and the exotic South Indian Jasmine absolute to remind us of our connection with our wise, sensual, and magically feminine nature. We then infuse diamond, pearl, tiger’s eye and gomed gem essences and the intention for our True Self to emerge for this formula to brighten your mood and then inspire you from within.

The philosophy of alchemy has engaged me for nearly all of my adult life. Al*che*my, a noun of Greek derivation has a multitude of meanings. The one that most resonates for me is: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. As a formulator and healer it is my vision to offer to the world products that quite truly are tools of transformation. Since much of my transformational work was surrounded by the ancient Indian philosophy known as the Chakras, it seemed completely natural to formulate a line of Chakra Balancing Blends. The Chakra Boost collection arose from 4 years of perfecting the formulas, and balancing the specific essential oils through study, meditation, client observation and my subtle guide, my nose. 

In our new Chakra Boost Packaging I have chosen specific elements of alchemy and sacred symbolism that correspond to the individual energy center. In the case of the Creativity Chakra Boost there are 4 sacred symbols that speak to empowering the sacral chakra:


  • The Celtic Symbol for Fertility: Fertility can symbolize more than birth, one can be fertile with ideas, energy, creativity, and good feelings.
  • The Moon: A symbol to represent the feminine, receptive and enlightening.
  • The Hummingbird: Chosen to remind us of the sweetness within and the joy of life.
  • The Starfish: A symbol that represents the water element for emotional healing


I invite you to experience this particular Mood Boost every morning for 7 days while repeating the affirmation and setting an intention for the next iteration of your “best self” surface along all the creative juices to flow.

Blessings to you along the journey!