As within all life, the primary building block of our formulation process is one of relationship. In the natural product world, there are varying degrees of quality with significant and sophisticated levels of adulteration designed to stretch or standardize an essential oil producing a synthetic or subpar raw material. Of course with nature there is also the predicament of fluctuation in terms of quantity produced and cost.


At ADORAtherapy our sourcing methods are rooted in integrity and conscious practices that ensure the quality of our raw materials as well as the pathways in which they are produced. We are committed to sourcing premium organic, bio-dynamic and sustainably wild-crafted raw materials. We know that by supporting these core, sustainable farming methods we are able to offer products with the highest level of life force, vibrancy which result in authentic, efficacious products as well as furthering the demand for organic and bio-dynamic raw materials in the global marketplace. We have spent over 19 years cultivating this primary relationship knowing it is the foundation that our expert formulations stem from.

At ADORAtherapy, sustainability also means recycled printing for our gift boxes. By packaging in a box we can ensure safety for our glass bottles which protect the integrity of our formulations and also remove the need to use excess packaging in the shipping process. We view every touchpoint from order origination to fulfilment as important adhering to long term sustainability practices.